Dorm System Opened

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Dorm System Opened

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 04, 2015 3:51 pm

Attention All clan members, I (Revenger) Cold will be opening a new dormatory system to the clan.

There are 6 Dorms so far:

Pendulum- Dorm Leader: (Revenger) Cold until new leader is found
Fusion- Dorm Leader: (Revenger) Jinzo
Xyz- Dorm Leader: (Revenger) Flash
Co-Dorm Leader: (Revenger) Jestrick
Synchro- Dorm leader not yet found
Ritual- Dorm Leader not yet found
Normal- Dorm Leader not yet found

The positions of dorm leaders are open to any member willing to take the challenge. In order to become a leader, you must show exceptional promise with a deck from said dorm. The test for dorm leader can only be given by a current dorm leader or Clan leader. New members may be able to join and become dorm leaders upon joining if accepted by at least 2 dorm or clan leaders. Thankyou for reading this message and safe dueling


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